For Coordinators

The e-Valuation system hosts two separate surveys – one for program participants and one for staff and volunteers. Your organization must be registered before you can use either survey online. If you are not registered, please click here.

Every program or organization must create a version of the participant survey for its own participants. Creating a participant survey takes only a few minutes. The Staff and Volunteer Survey does not need to be customized, but must be 'created' if you want to use it.

The Participant Survey consists of both mandatory and optional questions. Mandatory sections include basic questions about the participant experience at the program as well as demographic questions.

Optional questions include sections on:

  • Parenting
  • Child Development
  • Settlement
  • Special Needs
  • Pre and Post Natal.

There are also two optional rated questions and two optional open-ended questions that you can write yourself. This allows you to better tailor your survey to your program. For example, if your program serves immigrant families, you might like to include the four Settlement questions. If your program works with expectant and new mothers, you might like to include the five Pre- and Post-Natal questions.

Please consider your participants and keep the survey as short as possible, choosing only those optional sections which will be useful to you. To browse through all questions before creating your own survey, see Participant Survey (PDF).

You will be able to view, print and edit your survey any time until your first survey is submitted online. After the survey has been used once, the format must stay the same for the rest of the year. If changes are needed, you will have the opportunity to edit your participant survey each year.

To create your participant survey, you must complete three steps:

Browse the entire survey. Mandatory sections are already checked in green . Select the optional components that you would like (if any).

Create your own questions. You can add up to two rated questions and/or two open-ended or qualitative questions.

When finished, click on 'Generate Survey' button. You can preview and print your survey and can make edits until its first use.