Welcome to the e-Valuation site. This site is hosted by the Canadian Association of Family Resource Programs (FRP Canada). The goal of e-Valuation is to help family resource programs and other organizations that work with families to learn from the experiences of participants, staff members and volunteers.

Since the e-Valuation system's launch in 2006, over 250 organizations across Canada have been able to access reports which help them with their planning and accountability requirements. Data from all participating organizations can be combined into aggregate reports which provide a broad picture of the impact of these programs.

Where Can I Get More Information or Help?

For more information about the e-Valuation system, refer to the Quick Start page, Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) page and the Resources page.

The Resources page has several documents available for download including a User's Guide, print samples of the Participant Survey and the Staff/Volunteer Survey, ten literature summaries related to survey themes, and a PowerPoint presentation suitable for orienting colleagues and participants about the e-Valuation system.

If you have questions relating to e-Valuation, please contact us.