Quick Start Guide to e-Valuation

Download PDF version of the Quick Start Guide

Accessing the e-Valuation System

  1. Ensure your organization's membership account is in good standing with FRP Canada.
  2. Go to http://frp-evaluation.ca


  1. If you are already registered as a coordinator, click the Login/My Account button in the top menu.
  2. If you have not previously registered, find the Register page of the e-Valuation website and enter the required information. Once you have entered the required information for the coordinator and one program, click on the "Submit" button.
  3. Once Registration is successful, all changes to your coordinator and program information will be managed through your My Account page.

Managing your Information through My Account

After logging in, you can:

  1. Edit the program registration information by selecting the "Edit Program" link located beside the program name.
  2. Create a customized participant survey for that program by selecting the "Create" link under participant survey.
  3. Create a staff and volunteer survey by selecting the "Create" link under staff survey.
  4. Add additional program(s) or site(s) by selecting the "Add a Program" link. Your centre may have multiple programs or sites that use the e-Valuation system. Each program should have its own unique name and registration. The data from multiple programs under a coordinator can be analysed separately or combined.
  5. Give another program coordinator administration privileges by selecting the "Add a Coordinator" link.
  6. Edit your own coordinator information by selecting the "Edit Coordinator Profile" link.
  7. Change your password by selecting the "Change My Password" link.

Creating Your Surveys

At your My Account page, you must create a customized Participant Survey for each of your programs. The Staff and Volunteer survey is not customizable, however you must create and generate it also in order to have it accessible to your program's staff and volunteers.

  1. To create a survey, log in, go to My Account, and click on "Create" for the survey you want to create. There are mandatory and optional sections of the Participant Survey and the opportunity to write your own questions.
  2. Click the box "Add...." for the optional sections you choose.
  3. Preview the survey to be sure it's what you want, and then click on "Generate Survey" at the bottom of the page. The same process must be used for each survey and program.
  4. To produce a paper version of your survey, go to My Account page, click on "View" for that survey and then choose "Print".
  5. You may edit your Participant Survey until the first data has been entered for the year.

Completing Surveys Online

  1. Direct potential respondents (program participants, staff and volunteers) to your survey either
    • through the link that you have provided them (available at My Account, click on "View" under the appropriate survey)

    • by going to the Surveys page, clicking on Participant or Staff/Volunteer survey, and by selecting the program from a list, arranged alphabetically by province/territory and city/town. The participant or staff member/volunteer selects the appropriate centre and clicks on the centre's name.
  2. The survey appears and can then be completed. At the end of the survey is a "Submit" button which must be clicked to submit the survey.
  3. As soon as the survey is submitted, it is added to the database and will be included in any subsequent reports.

Adding surveys completed on paper to the database

  1. Print a paper version of the survey by going to My Account page, click on "View" for that survey and then choose "Print".
  2. When surveys are completed on paper, they must be added to the database before they can be included in any analyses.
  3. Entering paper surveys follows exactly the same procedure as described above for completing surveys online, except that someone else enters the responses made by the respondents using the paper version of either survey.
  4. It is important that the person entering the survey presses the Submit button after entering a survey to the database. If multiple surveys are entered, the Submit button must be clicked after each survey.
  5. After each survey is submitted, an automatic message will appear confirming that a new survey has been entered and providing an identification number for that survey. This number should be written on the paper copy.

Getting reports

Once you have entered at least four surveys, you will be able to run reports for your organization by going to the Reports page of the e-Valuation website. You can choose from a number of options when running reports.

For more detailed instructions on using the e-Valuation system, see the complete User's Guide on the Resources page.